Fullex Gemini Front Door Handles are now available at CitySafe!

Specifically designed to fit Fullex’s Gemini, SL16 and Type A Case locks, this high quality handle will secure and add a touch of style to your customer’s properties! Here at CitySafe we’re pleased to tell you that we now stock the Fullex Gemini Front Door Handle! The handle measures 68mm from the center of the … Continue reading “Fullex Gemini Front Door Handles are now available at CitySafe!”

Nanocoast Door Hardware at CitySafe

If you’re looking for door hardware that proves to be hard-wearing no matter what the weather then look no further than our Nanocoast range! Our Nanocoast stainless steel door hardware has been designed to combat corrosion and discoloration  – often a result of being exposed to the likes of water, salt and acid rain. Rusting … Continue reading “Nanocoast Door Hardware at CitySafe”