Fullex Centre Case Gearboxes available at CitySafe!

If your customer’s multipoint locking mechanism isn’t working you may not need to replace the full lock strip, it could just be a matter of replacing the centre case gearbox.

If you get called out to a multipoint locking system failure the centre case gearbox is most likely to be at fault, and replacing just the centre case is a more cost effective solution than replacing the full lock!

Fullex Centre Case Gearboxes

Here at CitySafe we offer a wide range of Fullex centre case gearboxes for a variety of Fullex multipoint locks – whether your customer has a SL16, Crimebeater or XL Lock fitted we’ve got the replacement case.

Features of the replacement cases include:

  • Can be reattached to your customers existing locking strip.
  • Non-handed – can be fitted to both left and right handed doors!
  • Available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm backset sizes.
  • Available in single, split or dual spindles.

Click here to view the range of Fullex Centre Case Gearboxes on our website. Alternatively you can email us at tony.hill@citysafeuk.com to find out more information, or speak to a member of our sales team on 0161 796 7268.