Protect Homes with our Fire Rated Door Hardware!

Fire rated doors need additional items of hardware fitted for safety, security and convenience. And with our fire rated door hardware, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re providing your customers with the very best.

At CitySafe our goal is to provide products that are not only highly secure but are designed to keep homes safe.  That’s why we supply a range of door hardware solutions that have been made with fire durability in mind! Our range of fire rated door hardware includes door viewers, letterboxes, door stays and more!

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Each one of our products has been developed using top of the range materials and is jam packed with revolutionary features which slow down the speed in which a fire can spread through a door.

Fire Rated Door Hardware Features

Intumescent Lining

This innovative material has the ability to expand up to 50 times its size in order to seal any gaps in the door hardware. It is used in both our fire rated letterboxes and door viewers – when heat is radiated directly from a fire it will expand, meaning less smoke can pass through the door.

Non-heat Absorbing Washers

The non-heat absorbing washers hold the doors attaching metal fittings and act as a heat sink, preventing the plastic from touching the hot metal screws and melting for as long as possible.

CitySafe 1 Hour Fire Rated Door Hardware

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Check out this video on our fire rated door hardware: