UAP’s Soterian TS008 Letterplate is now available at CitySafe!

The Soterian Letterplate

Named after the Goddess of Safety, The Soterian letterplate is stylish, streamlined and secure in its design.

Here at CitySafe we’re pleased to tell you that we stock UAP’s innovative Soterian TS008 letterplate! With over 120 processes in each letterplate, The Soterian is the ultimate TS008 certified letterplate made to protect and perfect your customer’s doors.

What is TS008?

TS008 sets the advanced security and general requirements for letterplates. The updated door standard PAS 24:2016 requires that an external door fitted with a letterplate has to meet the new standard.


In order to meet TS008 requirements, the letterplate must eliminate the risk of an intruder gaining access to a property by means of physical force, ‘key fishing’ and lock manipulation. It should also maintain clear access for postal items.

The Soterian

Its many highly engineered features and streamlined design are what set The Soterian apart from other TS008 letterplates on the market.

To give a less intrusive feel to the door the letterplate has a minimum internal flap projection of only 35mm from the door surface. Once fitted it provides an unrestricted door opening, meaning a front door can be open fully without the risk of the letterplate smashing and causing damage to a wall.

A rounded flap design set against a shallower frame has been developed to avoid sharp edges that could be a hazard for small children to bump into.

An innovative pivoting stay mechanism reduces the letterplate opening to 37° for protection against ‘key fishing’. This feature also prevents intruders from being able to manipulate a cylinder and unlock the door through the letterplate.

Another great feature of The Soterian is that there are no visible fixings to the exterior of the letterplate, which prevents the outer frame being unscrewed from the door externally. Concealed self-aligning metal plate fixings within the interior of the external flap enhance the strength, security and durability of the letterplate.

Mix and Match Solution

A revolutionary mix and match solution gives your customer’s the freedom to choose what finish they want for the internal and external frames. Whether it’s a black inner frame with a white outer frame – the choice is theirs!

Certifire Fire Rated

It is possible to order Certifire fire rated internal frames for The Soterian. They have been awarded the 60 minute fire resistant Certifire certificate for 54mm timber doors and tested to Certifire standards for up to 30 minutes on a 44mm timber door profile.

Receiving Certifire certification means The Soterian has proven to withstand the effects of a fire and can remain intact on a door for at least 30 minutes!

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