uPVC Door Opening Tools at CitySafe

Whether your customer has mislaid their keys, locked themselves out or have a jammed locking mechanism we stock a uPVC door opening tool solution!

Your called out to a job where you need to gain entry into a customer’s home. The objective is simple – to gain access to a property with as little damage to the actual door as possible. The perfect situation is to have zero damage to the door, the hardware or the lock, but that is not always possible.

At CitySafe, we stock a range of uPVC door opening tools for people who need to gain lawful access to a property, door installers and locksmiths which will limit any damage to the door, including:

Snapper Bars

uPVC Door Opening Tools - Snapper Bars

If you regularly work with cylinder locks that a snapper bar is an essential domestic locksmith tool. Whether you need to snap a euro profile, high security or oval cylinder we have a snapper bar to suit your budget.

Door Spreaders

uPVC Door Opening Tools - Door Spreaders

A door spreader is the ultimate choice to expose the lock mechanism of a uPVC door without causing damage. These tools may look like spades but they have been designed to move the uPVC profile enough in a vertical or horizontal direction in order to bypass the locking system on uPVC style doors.

Click here to view our range of uPVC door opening tools on our website. Alternatively you can speak to a member of our sales team for more information by ringing 0161 796 7268.