Keyline Car Keys and Accessories now Available at CitySafe

According to the Department of Transport, the end of 2016 saw 37.3 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain. With statistics like this, replacing lost or broken car keys for your customers is likely to be one of the most common jobs facing you today. Luckily, the Keyline range of car keys and accessories has now arrived at CitySafe – making us your one stop shop for car key cutting accessories!

Whether you are looking to add auto services to your current locksmith services, or you solely focus on vehicles, the Keyline range of car keys and accessories will help you become the best in the business.

Newly added to the website, products include a wide range of horseshoe keys from £1 plus VAT, where the mechanical head insert and electronic head are independent from one another.

There are also pod car keys, which offer an economic way of reusing transponder chips from damaged or broken keys from as little as £1 plus VAT. With products like these, you will always have stock that covers a wide range of car makes and models – helping you bring in more customers!

If you always want to be able to offer your customers an efficient service, we recommend that you also stock a range of electronic heads. Products like the Keyline Head Shell for Horseshoes has been designed to be used with the vast range of horseshoe keys that Keyline offers, and is compatible with any glass or carbon chip. This offers you a flexible solution as it can be used for a wide range of vehicles, allowing the production of a cheap and reliable spare car key in a matter of minutes. This saves you time throughout the day, without sacrificing the quality of your service.

We want to provide every professional with with the best tools on the market, and we believe that it is possible to get low prices without comprising on quality. That is why we are proud to now stock this affordable range from global company Keyline, who are recognised for the design and production of keys.

To see the incredibly priced range in full, click here.